Monday, April 28, 2008

weekend cake one of the little cakes I baked for last weekend, before they are gone. I experimented again with the ingredients I found in my cupboard. The result are small choco-cakes from sponge mixture, topped with pineapple pieces and coconut.

in memoriam

* 1996
+ 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Tricolore" finished

I finally finished that triple-color jacket. Here pics from front- and backside. I was inspired by an old pattern book and adjusted the pattern to the amount of yarn I had. Well, I think the result is not tooo bad. I crocheted the edges as usual, due to better fit. The buttons are old and decorated originally a white westover.

Knitting time: March 10th 2008 - April 27th 2008

Material: ca. 700g Schachenmayr Storia (47% pure wool, 28% polyamid, 25% microfiber, running length 105m/50g) with needle no. 4,0 mm and crochet hook no. 4,0 mm

Friday, April 25, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

since I suffered from lumbago during last week, I stayed with my friend G., that took care of me and provided hot-water bottles. And my friend C. supplied me today with all I needed for the weekend. Many to both of you.
So I wasn't able to finish any work, I only knitted a few rows on a simple plain pair of socks for my Ma.
Anyway, I want to share this pic, as well taken in neigbors garden. Hope you all have a wonderfull and pleasant weekend without any kind of physical deseases.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

poaching in the neigborhood. My friend next door has such a wonderful front garden, so that I better looked, what it had to offer. Compared to this, my garden is a complete desaster...
I hope you all have a very calm and cozy weekend.

more cookies..

some treats for the weekend. I experienced again, and the result are the hazelnut/chocolate cookies.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Socks 14/08/08 "Drops 106-32"

Finished last night, the February bonus socks from the Sokker KAL. The real color is lighter than the picture shows. Pattern on the right side.

Material: Flotte Socke with dpn 2,0 mm

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Socks 13/07/08 "Monkey Socks"

Here they are, the finished "Monkey Socks" from the Sokker KAL.

Material: Calzino Color with dpn 2,0 mm. Pattern on the right side, as usual.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

It's so awfully cold outside, but my flowers begin to bloom. Here my hyacinth for you with all best wishes for a lovely, cosy weekend with a lot of time to take care of your actual projects.

Apple & Bananacake are two of my last baked cakes. First an apple-cake, just chopped apple on an ordinary sponge mixture. Extra on top: small pieces of mint chocoloate - here: after eight. This is just one of my experiments, and it's really good, but I have to take more the next time.

The other one is a banana-cake after an old danish recipe, or better from an old danish cookbook.
This recipe is one of my favorites, since the cake does not get too soft, what happens with bananas very often. Here the translated recipe for those who can deal with metric measurements:

Ingredients: 3 eggs, 170 g sugar, 2 tsp vanilla sugar, 125 g flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 100 g cooled down melted butter, 1-2 smashed bananas, 100 g dark chocolate coating

Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar until it's a creamy consistence. Then add flour, baking powder and butter alternately. Finally add bananas carefully. The mixture will be relatively thin.
Fill in form and bake for ca. 55 min with 175°C in fan oven.

Remove cake from form and after it cooled down coat it with chocolate.

Bon Appetit!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


This will be the last entry of my catch-up. As you might see, the dishcloth-fever arrived as well in my household. There was a diskussion about these little items in the German blogs recently, and so I began to pay attention to them. I saw them before, but I never really thought seriously about knitting one. Then I found some leftover cotton yarn and remembered the dishcloths. Well, here they are, my first two copies with easy pattern, just knit, because I had to figure out how many stitches I had to cast on, and what needle-size I had to use, in order to get a convenient result. I'm happy with these, optimal size (25 cm square) and optimal strukture for this purpose. Now I can create more different patterns on this base. And, not to forget, the colors match the room-colors I'm using them in...

Material: Schachenmayr Catania and Catania Color (125m/50g) and needle 3,75 mm.

Socks 12/06/08 "Husbeast Socks" / "Vinland Socks"

These socks are knitted for reasons of precaution, since the Sokker KAL challenge for this month requires a selv chosen cabled pattern. I only modificated the given pattern as I knitted six rounds between the cables and not only three rounds. I like it better when the cables are not that close together.
Actually I decided to knit the "Vinland Socks". This pattern it not difficult, but very time-consuming, so that it may be possible that I will not be finished before the end of month. But see, the "Vinlands" are already in progress...

Material: Flotte Socke Colori 6-ply with dpn 3,0 mm.


If you think you bought oranges, and at home you find out that it were grapefruits - they look almost the same, yes.. you don't have any other chance in order to keep them, than to cook jelly. I mixed this with a good portion of passion-fruit-liqueur, since it turned out to be pretty sour. May not be everybodies taste, but I like it, especially on top of quark. I didn't crochet hats yet, they still look a little bit naked.


Well, it's tooo sad, but Magknits gave up it's website. I read it in a blog and yes, it's obviously true. The site can not be found anymore. Hope you all saved enough patterns, I 'm afraid, I did not. Even via Ravelry is no chance to get them anymore. No, nothing nowadays, you can trust on anymore...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Since I may participate in the Sokker KAL now, I've got to start early enough with my projects. This month the main task is to knit a pattern with cables, and the bonus are the monkeys from knitty. First I chose the Vinlandpattern for may cables, but then I found out that it is very complicated to knit and needs a lot of time. Just to be able to meet the deadline, I began the Husbeast Socks, an easy thing that will go very fast. Then I can try the Vinlands without any pressure. The Monkeys will grow as well relatively quick, it's not difficult to knit.
All patterns can be found below under "personal patterns"

Pic: top - Husbeast Socks, bottom - Monkey Socks.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 2008

100 g Gedifra Color - Anastasia Socks
100 g Flotte Socke Stretch Color - Circle Socks
75 g Gedifra Color 6-ply - Swirl Socks
150 g Universa - Drops 98-9

total: ca. 425 g

Socks 11/08 couch/bedsocks

just between the sokker kal's I knitted a pair of couch/bedsocks, inspired from Drops 98-9 pattern. I finished them last night, and they are already tested. I suppose, I'd never had warmer feed before *smile*I liked this harlequin version, it's colorfull and good enough to wear at home.
Material: Schachenmayr Universa (125m/50g) with dpn 3,5 and 3,0 mm.