Sunday, July 13, 2008

Socks 21/12/08 "Drops 102-15"

..and the second pair for June KAL ist finished. The pattern cannot be seen that good on the pic, but it is the one required.
At the moment I'm not so quick in knitting, since I'm sufering from an infection in my right shoulder and that doesn't give me any possiblity to do more than a few stitches daily. But I hope, it will be better soon. The next KAL-challanges are already in progress, but it will pobably take a few days longer.
Knitting time: June 18th - July 13th 2008
Material: Schoeller Fortissima with dpn 2,0 mm

socks 20/08

...just inbetween, a pair of sneakers. Seams to be a bit too much color for my taste, but you won't believe it, I begin to like them...

Knitting time: July 2nd - July 6th 2008

Material: Regia Silk shine and a rest from our basket with dpn 2,0 mm, plain stockinette.

Socks 19/11/08 "Drops 106-17"

..already finished in June, but no time to post. Here you see the finished socks from June KAL.

Knitting time: June 3rd - June 29th 2008
Material: Regia color 6-ply with dpn 2,5 mm.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

best things are free...12 - Baby A.

..this morning I became Grandma of little


49 cm - 3090 g