Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 2008

100 g Regia 6-ply - Basketcase Socks
100 g Calzino Sportivo - Uzumaki Socks
Rest cotton - sneakers

150 g cotton (Catania, Adina, Limone) for 3 dishcloths 50g each
150 g cotton (Catania, Adina) - Backscrubber

total: ca. 500 g plus rest

Friday, May 30, 2008

best things are free...8

..this is the result of hard work during last week and the reason, why I don't post any knitted projects at the moment. My whole garden is a complete desaster and I wasn't able to get it fixed by my own. So my dear friends and neigbors G. and U. helped me to change this djungle into a garden. Well, I'm not finally finished yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. - Both pics are taken from the same place, yes, really..

Thank you so much for being such good friends.

Eye Candy Friday

..with this lily from my garden I wish you all a nice and sunny weekend.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eye Candy Sunday..

...actually supposed to be posted on Friday, but now it is Sunday. This rose grew in my garden and shall make your start into the new week. Hope, the weather is better at your place, here it is raining, raining and raining.....

Socks 18/10/08 "Uzumaki"

... here you see the finished Uzumaki socks. Well, I modified the pattern and adjusted it to my preferences. First I knitted top-down, I used a small cuff and then I continued the pattern on top of the foot, since I found the original looked some kind of cut-off.

Knitting time: May 4th - May 24th 2008

Material: Calzino sportivo with dpn 2,0 mm

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Socks 17/08

Something mindless just in between. Due to the wonderfull weather outside some sneakers from rests, found in our big-sockyarn-rest-basket at our knitting group.

Knitting time: May 14th - May 17th 2008

Material: Gedifra and Regia cotton-sockyarn with dpn 2,0 mm.

best things are free...7

...I got a call from my old co-worker and friend E. I didn't have contact with in the last 26 years....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Cakes for the Weekend

I found the inpiration when I looked through my cupboard. Here is what I made out of the incredients I found: apple cakes with walnuts and dried fruits with trail mix. Very yummy with some whipped cream and of course a nice cup of coffee.
As I went through Ravelry I found some inspiration around a number of bathroom-accessories. And I created this backsrubber. The middle part is knitted with two threads and I used "falling stitches", well: 1. row: *k, yo* repeat across the row, 2. row: k all and let the yo fall down. Repeat always these two rows. The handles are crocheted as well with double thread.

Knitting/crochet time: May 10th - May 13th 2008

Material: Schachenmayr Catania and Rellana Adina, 100% Cotton, with needle 4,5 mm and crochet hook 3,5 mm.

Socks 16/09/08 "Basketcase Socks"

..I decided to rib of the blue Basketcase Socks for the Sokker KAL and I started them again with other yarn.... and here are the finished socks...

Knitting time: May 8th - May 11th 2008

Material: Regia 6-ply with dpn 3,0 mm.

Socks 15/08 & Mothersday

This years Mothersday gift. My Mum always appreciates selvknitted socks. These are made from yarn, she already gave me some time ago. And as she loves little deco-articles, I painted a wooden flower matching her room decoration. All together with some sweets and of course a card made a nice parcel to be sent.

Knitting time: green socks already last year, beige socks: April 27th - April 30th 2008

Material: both yarns unknown. For the green ones I used dpn 2,0 mm and Garter Rib from SKS page 37. The beige ones are knitted with dpn 2,5 mm and Basket Wave Rib, SKS page 55.

Happy Birthday

.... this is the gift for my neighbor and friend U.'s 60th birthday on May 7th. I chose colors matching her new kitchen perfectly, and her husband G. already requested them as washcloth. Why not, but then it needs a different color....hrm..I think his birthday will be in June...

Knitting time: May 1st - May 2nd 2008

Material: Schoeller Limone, Rellana Adina and Schachenmayr Catania (125m/50g), needle no. 3,75 mm. Traditional dishcloth-pattern from Ravelry.
Edit May 25th: U. told me the other day that she doesn't use anything else now than the dishcloths in order to do the housework. There's no better thank for my gift....

best things are free...4

Miss Sophie recently: I came down in the morning and she was lying, where I just could see her, but not touch her. Somehow I was worried about her posture and I said: "Good morning, love. It's time to get up" No reaction. I tried again, but not any sign of moving. I began to panic, did she just die without a sound...??? Suddenly I remembered, what the vet told me once when my older cat died. "Come on, don't kid with me, you are not dead, because dead cats don't have closed eyes..." Well....the eyes opened, Sophie got up, stretched herself and with a spitefull "miau" she started into the new day......

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 things are free..3

....sitting in the backyard with a good friend and having a cappuccino on a warm and sunny afternoon...

Sunday, May 4, 2008


..these are both socks from the sokker Kal for this month. Top the Uzumaki Socks and bottom the Basketcase Socks. Just to let you know that I'm still working hard.... Patterns can be found at the usual place..

Friday, May 2, 2008

Eye Candy Friday

..last but not least for today, a pic of my magnolia with best wishes for a wonderful weekend, and don't shut your front door, when you haven't got the matching key with you..

best things are free...2

...or when the guardian angel is with you..I wanted to take care of my absent neigbors house and mail, picked up the key and closed the front door behind me. As I still had the knob in my hand, I realized that I caught the wrong bunch of keys... panik in my eyes, late afternoon, front door closed, no chance to get into the house and the spare key with the absent neigbors....deep breath... and during these cascading thoughts, I pushed against the door, and it clicked and reopened again..the lock hadn't closed completely..puh...what a day...


..some more jam. Got a lot of low priced citrus fruits, and here they are. Orange and grapefruit mixture, prepared with a gelling agent that can be used with sweetener. Saves a lot of calories...
Crocheted hats will follow later....

April 2008

100 g Gedifra Color - Monkey Socks
100 g Flotte Socke "purple" - Drops 106-32
100 g Flotte Socke Colori 6-ply - Husbeast Socks
100 g nameless sockyarn - socks for my mum for mothersday

700 g Schachenmayr Storia - jacket "tricolore"

200 g div. cottonyarn (125m/50g) for 4 dishcloths à 50 g

total: ca. 1300 g things are free...1

Best things are more attentive to the happening around, give some obviously natural things more notice and keep them as a part of your daily life....the mentioned events might not be extremely sensational, but when is real life like that?????

Yesterday our knitting group - the girls - actually met at U.'s house in order to do some rows. But what did we find? The Perfect Dinner. U. provided a sensational meal for all of us - six by that time - real good traditional German food, served on a wonderful decorated table. I'm afraid, I cannot share a pic with you, since I didn't have the camera with me....
Thank you so much, U., we all appreciated it.