Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Socks 33/21/08 "Drops 109-48"

..main task for November. These socks were hard to create, not the pattern, but the thick needles. I was glad, when I finally finished them. I only have to sew an elastic inside the cuff in order to hold them in place.

Knitting time: 02.11.08 - 17.11.08

Material: 150 g Schachenmayr Boston with dpn 7.0

Socks 32/20/08 "Mojo" are my November bonus socks. Since I wasn't able to download the pattern, I knitted them after the pic. Hope I got them quiet acceptable, although I changed the pattern and did not continue under the foot, since I consider it uncomfortable underneath the foot.

Knitting time: 01.11.08 - 02.11.08

Material: 100 g Calzino Sportivo with dpn 2.0