Sunday, August 24, 2008

Socks 23/14/08 "Mary Jane Slippers"

..No, it is no good idea, not to finish your work, when you adjusted the pattern and did not write it down. It took me the whole afternoon in order to figure out, what I did, but now, the slippers are finished.

Knitting Time: July 16th - August 24th 2008

Material: Flotte Socke 6-ply and rest of Regia Tweed 6-ply with needle 3,0 mm.

Socks 22/13/08 "Better than Booties"

..well, I might have misunderstood the task, since I knitted all three pairs. Anyway, it was fun, to create the little socks. These will be for Baby M. and I already collected three other colors for Baby A.

Knitting Time: June 30th - July 16th 2008

Material: Rests of Fingeweight Gedifra, Regia and Flotte Socke with dpn 2,0 mm.