Sunday, September 21, 2008

Socks 25/16/08 "Slippin' - Strippin'"

..finally I finished the August-bonus-socks. I used fingering yarns knitted with double thread, since I wasn't able to get the required thin lace yarn. It made the socks relatively thick, but now is the right time for those, since it is already cold in the eveneings and they are perfect for couch or bed.

Knitting time: August 2nd - September 21st 2008

Material: Gedifra, Fortissima and Rellana 4-ply with dpn 4,0 mm

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Socks 24/15/08 "My Purple Dream"

Først takker jeg for kommentarer deres. Jeg gleder meg over alle, som leser bloggen min.

Referring to Siljas post, I already began to work on "my purple dream"by that time. Since the August-bonus-socks will be in purple, I decided to use another color. But it was impossible to knit them in the way given. Using 17 stitches on each needle make socks that can be donated to the zoo in order to fit an elephant. So I tried to reduce the repeat by three or four stitches, but this came out awfully. Usually I meet all challenges that cross my way, but here I was helpless. But then, I had the idea that saved my reputation...I took a 6-ply yarn, reduced the repeat to three and just knitted socks as usual. Well, here it comes, "my nature dream".

Knitting Time: August 25th - September 3rd 2008

Material: 100 g Flotte Socke mouliné 6-ply with dpn 2,5 and 3,0 mm.