Sunday, October 26, 2008

Socks 31/19/08 "Flutter-By"

..and now, I proudly present: Sophies flutter-by socks. This was the first time I could not figure out the pattern, and without the help of my good friend C. I would still not see the wood for the trees. She found the solution and after I got it, it was so easy...I'm sure, it is my age...*hrm*

Knitting Time: Oct. 10th - Oct. 22nd 2008

Material: 100 g Lana Grossa Meilenweit with dpn 2,0 mm

Socks 30/18/08

..the October bonus task said that we should knit socks from our rests, free for decision. So I looked though our rest basket and found three matching colors. The result are these sneakers, not much, but my friend T. already "ordered" them for x-mas.

Knitting Time: Oct. 5th - Oct. 8th 2008

Material: Rests Fortissima and Regia with dpn 2,0 and 2,5 mm.

Socks 29/17/08 "Rolling Thunder"

..finished for the Sokker Kal, Rolling Thunder without beads, since I found that the yarn ist too sporty for such a decoration.

Knitting Time: Sept. 19th - Oct. 4th 2008

Material: 100 g Gedifra Calzino with dpn 2,0 mm


.. currently I'm doing advanced training. This is the reason, why there were only a few posts in the last months. But I promise, after my classes, I will do my very best in order to catch up asap.....